Craft Courses in the Kingdom

1) Ginger & Grace

– Often have weekend craft workshops for brush and modern calligraphy.


2) Make It

– Over the past few months they have started offering some new craft courses occasionally, such as needle felting and paper quilling. They also do a Tuesday Crafternoon Make & Take for kids.


3) Zyct Artistry

– Run by Dannang Paltican Charity, she offers a variety of workshops including: painting, crochet, macramé, and more.


4) Gecko Garden Preschool

– Sometimes opens up it’s parent Toy Making group to the public for parents of young children to make easy, fun for kids crafts.


5) Nomi Network Cambodia

– Offers design and marketing workshops, including pattern making, Photoshop, typography, and social branding courses.


6) N o w h e r e Art Studio

– Offers painting, block printing, pottery, and other courses/


7) Char RUFA Studio

– Offers etching and lithography workshops.


8) Cloud Bar

– Regularly offers drawing classes, in addition to sewing, puppet making workshops.


9) YK Art House

– Occasionally holds workshops, such as clay handbuilding, drawing, and painting.


10) Backstreet Academy

– Facilitate a variety of workshops with local artisans, and not just crafting, but cooking, tours, and a variety of other things. In Cambodia, you can find workshops in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, and Battambang. And they also facilitate workshops in seven other countries: Nepal, Laos, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines. You get a unique experience, and help support local communities.