Phnom Penh Stitch and Bitch is an informal gathering of knitters, crocheters, cross stitchers, embroiderers living in Phnom Penh.  We come from diverse backgrounds, a wide range of ages and work in various sectors. You’re always bound to learn something new at one of our meetings.

We’ve had members from Australia, Canada, the US, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Scotland, Britain, Russia, Japan, Denmark, Sweden, the Philippines and of course Cambodia.

We meet every couple weeks, chat and needle away over some food and drinks.  Everyone is welcome, so drop in to any one of our meetings whether you’re a local or just passing through, whether you’re a semi-professional knitter or interested in learning how to get started. We’re happy to answer any questions!

Schedule: To find out when and where we’re meeting up next, click here.  This will take you to all the posts giving meet-up details.  The schedule is also posted and generally up to date on the right hand side here under: Upcoming Events. There’s no need to call ahead and RSVP.  We’re a small group and there is always room for one more.

15 Responses to About

  1. Krist'l D'haene says:

    I like to attedn your next meeting.

  2. Mary Haag says:

    Do you take hand quilters?

    • MonikaN says:

      Yes of course! We’ve had quilters in the past 🙂

      • Mary Haag says:

        Thanks for the quick reply! I see some different dates listed. One place says Nov 23rd at 2-4 pm, another place says November 24, 2013 at 1:30 am – 3:30 am. Can you let me know what is right? I’m assuming the second isn’t right as I wonder if you’d meet at that time in the morning :).

      • MonikaN says:

        Argh! That is a sync issue with my iCal. It’s set to Indochina time, but maybe WordPress isn’t. We’re not extreme night owls, so the correct time is 6:30pm 🙂

  3. Mary Haag says:

    So that is 6:30 pm on November 23rd or the 24th?

    • MonikaN says:

      Sorry, I’ve just completely confused myself and you! It’s November 23rd, 2pm-4pm at Daughters. Hopefully the upcoming events will adjust itself in a couple hours as I’ve edited time zones in my iCal. The dates and times in the post are the correct ones!

  4. Mary Haag says:

    Great! I’ve got it in my calendar. Normally i work on Saturdays, but I’m hoping to have that Saturday off. We’ll see.

  5. Mary Haag says:

    Alas, I also work Thursday evenings. This is even less changeable. But thanks for letting me know just in case!

  6. Mary Haag says:

    Yes, Tuesday are my day off :).

  7. MonikaN says:

    Will make sure we add a Tuesday in December 🙂

  8. Mary Haag says:

    So kind of you!

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