November Gatherings

Dear needleworkers and friends,

We will be having two meetings this month:

Saturday November 15,  2-5pm at Feel Good Cafe Street 136
Wednesday, November 26, 6-8 pm at Java Cafe Southeros Bvld

Saturday’s session will be dedicated to stuffing the 32 knitted knockers we have on hand.   Please come and help us give them some shape!

We had at least 10 knitters involved for this month from Malaysia, England and the US.     We expect more to come in before mid-November and into 2015.  Anyone can get them to us at any time- take a look at knitted to learn more and contact us if you need specifics on delivery.

Thanks to Cambodia Knits for donating yarn and stuffing.  The Cambodian Creations shop is selling a very soft and colorful cotton yarn, bamboo needles and other notions in their shop just across the street from Toul Sleng Museum.

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2 Responses to November Gatherings

  1. lagiroflee says:

    Hello, I only know Java Café on Sihanouk Boulevard, where is the other one? Southeros Bld?

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