August meeting schedule

Get out of the rain and chill out with us!

August 7 Joma Cafe on Norodom, south of Independence Monumnet, Cr. St. 294 6:30pm onwards
August 16 at Bloom Cafe, Street 222, 2-5
August 26 at Java Cafe (downstairs), Sihanouk Blvd; across from statue of King Sihanouk 6:30pm onwards

Hope to see you there,
all of us

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3 Responses to August meeting schedule

  1. veronique says:

    Hello, i’m new in town. Can you tell me where is Joma and Bloom Cafe. Veronique

    • MonikaN says:

      Hi Veronique,

      Welcome to PP and to SnB!

      Joma is on Norodom just south of Independance Monument, corner of Street 294.

      Bloom is on street 222, between 63 and 57.

      Hope to meet you soon!


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