OCF Yarn Storm information

We’re knitting fast and furiously to get as many cyclos stormed as possible and we’re just about done with the first one. There’s still lots of time and opportunity to get in on the action. Information on what needs to be done and how it can be done, can be found here or below.

Have a look at the cyclo photos and decide what part you can commit to. Or commit to making some squares or crocheted flowers or any other additional decoration you can think of. Let us know and we’ll add you to our list of producers.

If you are in PP, you can pick up free yarn from CK for the yarn storm. We have bulky 100% cotton yarn in many colours. As long as you use it for the cyclo decorations, its all yours! We can lend you needles too and help you get started. Drop by our shop (House 116, Street 113, call in advance to check we’re open) and we’ll get you set up. We’re also providing free intro knitting lessons to anyone who is interested during our regularly scheduled SnB meetups. So pop in and have a go!

Storming the Cyclo v.3Storming the Cyclo v.3 2 copyStorming the Cyclo v.3 3 copy

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