Yarn Storming at the 2014 Our City Festival!

Our proposal to make yarn storming a part of the 2014 Our City Festival was accepted! We’re very excited but a little daunted by all the knitting that is going to need to happen in the next few weeks. However, with everyone’s help, we think, no we know, we can do it! Cambodia Knits will be providing yarn and needles as well as arranging Khmer speaking knitting instructors during training events, but we’re going need to a lot more help from all of you!

The plan
We’re going to yarn storm at least one but hopefully six (yes six!) cyclos! The yarn stormed cyclos will be stationed at OCF events during the festival as part of each event’s media wall. We’ll also be holding drop in knitting classes in the lead up and during the festival. These will be held in English and Khmer, in order to get as many people as possible stitching for the cyclos.

How you can help if you’re in Cambodia
Knit of course! Or crochet if you prefer. Help us get enough fabric to yarn storm the heck out of the cyclos. We’ll be posting drawings and measurements of a cyclo soon, so just let us know what you can contribute.

Help us teach knitting! We’ll be holding classes starting at the scheduled SnB sessions in December and January and possibly during the main opening event on the weekend of January 17-19. If you’re available and willing to help for an hour or two, let us know.

Help us with communications: If you’re skilled at writing, specifically press releases, help us get as much attention on our installation as possible. We’d love to help raise the profile of the festival, cyclos, CK and our awesome knitting group and it would be incredible if images of our yarn stormed cyclos went viral.

How you can help even if you’re not in Cambodia
Even if you are outside of Cambodia, you can be a part of this wonderful madness! You can knit/crochet a piece or two (or more!) and mail it into us. Or if you have some stash yarn you’d like to donate, send that in too! Send any packages to Chea Pichthida, PO Box 1466, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Thida is the CK accountant who has the tolerance and patience to deal with the post office on a regular basis. Just let us know you’ve sent something and we’ll check the PO box.



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