February SnBs

We’re going to try a new schedule, with a meet up on a Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday:

Thursday, February 7, Kiriya Cafe, 6:30pm onwards
Saturday, February 16, Bloom Cafe, 2pm-4pm
Tuesday, February 26, Kiriya Cafe, 6:30pm onwards


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8 Responses to February SnBs

  1. Sokunthea says:

    My name is Sokunthea, Cambodian lady. I am interested in crochet. I would like to be a member of Sn B group.

    • MonikaN says:

      Hi Sokunthea! You should come any time! There is no requirement to join. Just come anytime we are meeting and meet us 🙂


      • Sokunthea says:

        Thanks, I would like to meet you on 16 February. Hope to see you there. can you leave a telephone contact, so I can call you when I will be there.

  2. Khantey Kang says:

    Hi, My name is Khantey, I know some about crocheting and now learning to knit and i would like to meet up by February 16 too but please kindly tell me where is that Bloom Cafe, m not now that location : (. Thanks in advance

  3. Khantey Kang says:

    nice, will meet u then on Saturday Feb 16th if m not have any urgent case : ).

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