October SnBs

Happa from 6:30 on:

Thursday October 11th

Thursday October 25th

All are welcome!


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8 Responses to October SnBs

  1. ka says:


    So i’m pretty new to knitting (i just learned how to knit and pearl about 2 weeks ago) and I finally realize that it is EXTREMELY hard to find yarn in Cambodia. Where do you get your yarn from? Do you order online? If so, are there any websites you recommend?


  2. MonikaN says:

    You should join us on Thursday 11th at Happa 🙂

    • ka says:

      Ahh… yes i want to!
      How many people are usually there? Is it mostly foreigners? ( I’m Khmer 🙂 )

      And by the way, do you have the website for the online yarn shop yet?

  3. MonikaN says:


    We’re usually a small group of 4-6, all expats. We’re friendly so you should come 🙂

    The website is here: http://www.yarn.com/

  4. See you there. Do I need bring anything?

    Kim 🙂

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