Ho Chi Minh City Yarn shop

Here are directions to a yarn distributor in HCMC. Mrs Phi has a stall at a market, which I have not visited, but she also sells directly from their house, which you can visit at any time. They have lots of acrylic yarn, but also some selection of cotton, wool and blends from China, Japan and Korea. Well worth a visit if you are in HCMC.

The address is Mrs.Phi ‘s Shop: no. 324A/4 Phan Đình Phùng, Phuong 1, Phu Nhuan District (opposite the Giac Tam pagoda). I recommend taking a taxi to get there as it’s nowhere near the city center or tourist areas where you are likely to be staying. A taxi from central HCMC cost about US$3-4.

When you get to the address, you’ll need to find the alleyway pictured below. Walk straight about 15 meters until you can’t go straight anymore. At the point, hang right (your only option) and the first house on your right, is Mrs Phi’s Shop/House. I’ve tried everything possible to rotate the photo without any luck, so you need to tilt your head to the right…

When you walk in you won’t see any yarn and need to go upstairs. Things are quite chaotic here, so don’t expect yarn to be organized as in a western LYS. At the immediate top of the stairs I found some nice fingering weight 100% cotton, Vietnamese yarn in some really nice colours. Finding anything else is a bit of an excavation process, but can be worth it.

Neither Mrs. Phi nor anyone in her family speak any English so either bring a translator with you or use your fluent body language 🙂

Walk under the blue sign (CHUA GIAC TAM) to enter the alleyway.

Mrs. Phi's house, only about 15 meters from entrance of alleyway.

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6 Responses to Ho Chi Minh City Yarn shop

  1. Morgan says:

    Just visited this yarn shop today! I have been traveling in Southeast Asia and it has been hard to find good yarn. Thank you for the directions. The family was very nice, and a young man could speak some English so it wasn’t difficult to communicate.

  2. David says:

    My wife visited the shop last week and they have a great range. Your directions made it very easy to find. Thanks very much. Mrs Phi was very friendly and helpful too.

  3. Robin says:

    I meant district 5 ?

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