Coffee/Bread, Done/Ready….No more

Although the lighting situation at BRCD is great and it is never too crowded, our little group has decided to end the era of PPSnB here.  The cook leaves at 5 and there is no food available other than pastries and the staff simply can’t keep a reservation to save their lives.  After one too many mishaps, we’re going to move to another location.

So any suggestions?  We need:  good lighting, good food, comfy couches.

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3 Responses to Coffee/Bread, Done/Ready….No more

  1. Lisa says:

    So is the 2nd August date being moved elsewhere?

  2. MonikaN says:

    Hey Lisa, yes! But we still haven’t decided where: need comfy couches, good lighting and service

  3. mandy says:

    it’s probably for the best considering they are once again closed for renovations……
    any dates for september yet?

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